Brigitte Davila

Faculty, College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University

For Trustee, City College of San Francisco 2022


Brigitte Davila has served on the City College Board of Trustees since 2015. She lives in, works in, and loves San Francisco, but is originally from Los Angeles with roots in Colorado and New Mexico. She came north to study at UC Berkeley and earned a B.A. in Rhetoric and J.D at Berkeley Law. Brigitte has taught in the Latina/o/x Studies Department in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University for almost 30 years. Among her classes are Government & Constitutional Ideals, Community Organizing, Critical Thinking, and Community Law. Her area of focus is political education and policy, with an emphasis on community activism. She estimates that over 3000 students have taken her hands-on U.S. Government class.

As trustee, Brigitte Davila served as a statewide member of the California Community College Trustee Board. She is also a member of NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected (and Appointed Officials) In addition she serves on the Board of the ALCCT (Latino Association of Community College Trustees)

Brigitte is deeply committed to accessible quality public education for all. She also brings a deep understanding of the issues and needs of the Latinx community and, other marginalized communities, to the Board. Ms. Davila grew up in a working-class Chicano neighborhood in Los Angeles and experienced life as a first-generation college student, like most Latino students in California’s community college system.


Scott Weiner, CA State Senator

Matt Haney, Assemblymember

Phil Ting, Assemblymember

SF Latinx Democratic Club
The Sierra Club

SF Women’s Political Committee 

District 11 Democratic Club

Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Dem Club

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